The world today: Ebola out of control as fake cures spread across the Internet, killing even more, while tensions in Ferguson, Missouri continue to escalate. ISIS threatens to take over the White House in the name of Islamofascism and outright war between Russia and Ukraine looks ever more likely.

But in Manhattan’s champagne-filled, bubble-like environment, it’s good to know locals have their priorities straight.

The buzz today: “goddess” Rihanna was spotted waiting in line for a drink like an ordinary person! The horror!

From Page Six:

Rihanna stepped out in a slinky black dress for a friend’s birthday party at The Bowery Hotel Thursday night.

The singer, who’s on tour with Eminem, was spotted at the hotel along with dozens of music-industry people.

Customers waiting for drinks and eyeing the scene noticed how the goddess herself had to wait “like a normal person at the bar” as others were served before her.

Rihanna and Eminem are at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for two shows this weekend.

Rihanna - Em concert please don't stop the booze-icNo doubt the vastly overrated singer / would-be actress was less than amused. Punish that establishment at once!

File under: please don’t stop the booze-ic!