Just how badly has Obama weakened his presidency with the “POW” – terrorist exchange fiasco?

To the point where even Bill O’Reilly’s lashing out!

If that sounds amusing, just consider how consistently eager the Fox News Channel host has been to remain in good standing with the Obama Regime over the years, even to the point of trashing Michelle Bachmann during a public dispute with the president in 2013.

The payoff has come in the form of exclusive interviews with the Dear Leader and generally good relations with his administration.

So when Bill is willing to absolutely “shred” Obama on the air, it means the president is sufficiently weakened to the point where it’s no longer necessary to suck up to the Regime. Otherwise, he’d still be playing it safe, emphasizing the need to be “fair” and qualifying mild criticism with the standard “but he’s a good guy and I really like him” silliness.