[Part Three of Three. See Part Two and Part One here.]

Why is CNN employing a partisan hit squad designed to destroy each and every one of the president’s political nominees?

This week, the Media Equality Project has uncovered disturbing examples of the news network’s smear machine at work. In its effort to sink appointees by any means possible, CNN’s K-File team utitizes seemingly dishonest tactics, leaving its targets professionally ruined.

In Part Two, we revealed Andrew Kaczynski’s shameless hit against Monica Crowley, Trump’s nominee for senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council.

We also reported new details on the successful effort to prevent Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke from taking a key position in the Department of Homeland Security.

And in an exclusive interview with the Media Equality Project’s Melanie Morgan, Sheriff Clarke spoke in depth about what it was like to be on CNN’s hit list. Full audio is found further below.

Warning Republicans and conservatives to wake up, Clarke says the network’s well-organized smear machine and the people running it are sadly effective.

“I realize what these guys are about. It’s a ritual. It’s a game mainly played by the left. But the right is starting to understand how this is accomplished. There is a counter-strategy in place now, but until it becomes more widely known, we are kind of the low-hanging fruit.”

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On Andrew Kaczynski, CNN’s 27-year-old two-time college dropout who has made it his mission to destroy any and all presidential nominees:

“He’s not accomplished. He doesn’t need many skills besides the computer. He goes after writings, books, essays, dissertations and just screams plagiarism. Anybody who has even written extensively is vulnerable.

“It’s like for me, [theoretically] being accused of child molestation. You can never recover from it. He’s done it to Senator Rand Paul, Dr. [Ben] Carson, Monica Crowley, me and others,” Clarke said.

While publicly proclaiming himself to be non-partisan, Kaczynski seems anything but, particularly when it comes to dealing with Republicans.

“This guy is a hired gun. That’s why CNN brought him on. He’s a defamation-of-character specialist. He’s a purveyor in his smear tactics. You make the claim, you make the smear and watch the person in his crosshairs squirm. He doesn’t care if the truth comes out.

“It doesn’t take much in this information age to assassinate by information. He goes after dissertations and papers. He screams plagiarism.

“He uses fear and intimidation against his targets. It’s electronic terrorism,” Clarke added.

The ‘K-File’ crew: CNN’s character assassination squad