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Melanie Morgan is an award-winning radio talk show host, author, columnist, journalist, TV anchor and independent reality TV producer. In 2017, Morgan became co-host of YourVoice America, which airs Wednesday nights on Twitter, via Known for her advocacy on behalf of the American military and defense of the War on Terror, she has been a frequent guest on many cable TV shows, including Fox News, CNN and the BBC.

Laura Ingraham’s debut: ‘I’m going to pull the curtain back’, reveal truth

Using her fierce intelligence and laser focus to rise to the top of the talk radio world, she is a force of nature. Read all »

The left’s sudden, bizarre embrace of ‘W’

President Bush made headlines this past week when he not-so-coincidentally joined former President Barack Obama in condemning President Trump and his supporters.

It was an attack-by-insinuation that claims we are all a bunch of white supremacists who travel in the dark shadows of lies, prejudice and nativism. Read all »

CA arson suspect IS an illegal immigrant, so will media scolds apologize?

*** UPDATE: Sonoma County Sheriff issues confusing statement as PR battle continues ***

When Breitbart News reported two days ago that the Wine Country fires may have been started by an illegal immigrant, Sonoma County and other law enforcement personnel, including the Sacramento Sheriff’s office had a hissy fit.

Their report said the suspect was a Mexican national with several outstanding ICE detainer requests that were ignored in the newly minted Sanctuary State of California. Read all »

Berkeley College Republicans ‘Targeted, Stalked and Harassed’ by Antifa Activists

Berkeley College Republicans are demanding that University of California police do something, anything to protect them from Antifa organizers whom they claim “stalk and harass conservatives” on campus. Read all »

Going ball-istic: USAA members attacking corporate stance supporting NFL

Why is USAA siding with the league over fans who are furious with the NFL’s disrespect for America? Read all »

Facing greater threats from the left, old conservative media rivalries fade

If you watched Sean Hannity on Fox Tuesday, you probably saw the amazing interview with Bill O’Reilly that lasted almost the entire show. You then heard him announce that Bill is going to be a regular guest. Read all »

Hillary Clinton: Blinded by narcissism?

She cannot be serious, can she?

Hillary Clinton looked into a TV camera on Saturday during an interview with MSNBC and unflinchingly told America that “women who voted for Donald Trump are disrespecting themselves.” Read all »

For a failed CNN ‘journalist’, media friends circle the wagons

It looks like a former “journalist” at CNN is failing backwards. To many people, it shows that rather than weeding out incompetents, the media protects it own. Read all »

Mel’s Manifesto: The creepy times in which we live

The Universe is playing a seriously scary trick on all of us.

It’s kind of like a movie where “behind the secret door was the steel spiral staircase, leading down to a small alcove in the walls of the house, inside is one of the crawl spaces where the world finds a blanket, Halloween candy, and toys that had mysteriously gone missing from the house.” Read all »

North Korean crisis: Mel interviews Monica Crowley

Right now, every news cycle brings us closer to what looks like a nuclear confrontation with Kim Jong Un, the third generation of dictators in a country that known boundless sorrow and hunger, yet still hates the United States of America without looking once in the rearview mirror. Read all »

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