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Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan is an award-winning radio talk show host, author, columnist, journalist, TV anchor and independent reality TV producer. In 2017, Morgan became co-host of YourVoice America, which airs Wednesday nights on Twitter, via Known for her advocacy on behalf of the American military and defense of the War on Terror, she has been a frequent guest on many cable TV shows, including Fox News, CNN and the BBC.

Mel’s Manifesto: Draft James Woods now!

James Woods, governor of California?

Why not? The Golden State has a long history of electing leaders from the deep end of thespian pool. Read all »

Al Franken: Gone from politics, or not?

He’s gone, or is he?

Not gone as in a Dateline NBC Saturday night mystery, or as in a your-senile-grandpa-disappears-from-the-nursing-home, but rather in a long, anxiously-anticipated exit. Outgoing Senator Al Franken is clearly loathe to leave the national stage he adored. Read all »

California pol takes a knee, calls President Trump ‘mentally ill’

What do conservatives call Marin County?

Answer: A target-rich environment.

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Creepy: Who is stinking up the Bel Air neighborhood of a top government official?

It appears that a psychologist who lives in Los Angeles is claiming responsibility for a gift-wrapped box of horse manure left outside the home of US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

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Brenden Dilley: Why take on the GOP establishment? Because there’s no other option

So what’s a bearded 35-year-old, successful life coach and best-selling author doing running for Congress?

A guy who just cut his Man Bun a couple days before his Twitter announcement?

And one who follows scandal-stained Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)? Read all »

Rape Fantasies, Snuff Films, Violence Against Women – When Will Congress Call Out Net Neutrality Supporters?

The Media Equality Project has sent an Open Letter to all Members of Congress on a deeply disturbing matter. The letter follows:

To All Congressional Representatives From: The Media Equality Project Re: “Battle for the Net”

The founders of The Media Equality Project are incensed to discover that supporters and activists on behalf of the far-left “BattleForTheNet” group1 are shilling for some of the most outrageous, violent, and despicable pornography portals in the country.

In this highly toxic environment of sexual harassment and assault, we wish to draw attention to Pornhub’s and YouPorn’s leading participation in this activist net neutrality group.

BattleForTheNet, a project of Free Press, Fight for the Future, and Demand Progress, is currently flooding Congress with phone calls to oppose the FCC’s rollback of Obama-era “net neutrality” rule.

Do you know who these people are?

We do.

First, let us introduce ourselves. Broadcast journalists Melanie Morgan and Blanquita Cullum visited Washington last Wednesday with a coalition of women, including Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Leslie Millwee, with the support of Paula Jones and others. Our purpose was to demand the resignations of Congressman John Conyers, Congressman Joe Barton and Senator Al Franken after allegations of sexual harassment – and worse – became public.

During our live broadcast from the National Press Club, over three million people watched the various live feeds of our press conference from Fox News, Breitbart, World Net Daily, One America Newsand other networks.

Blanquita, myself and our coalition are strong advocates of the First Amendment and support a free market of ideas. But that does not include violence, rape, torture or degradation of women or children.

Now comes PornHub and YouPorn in the battle over so-called “net neutrality.” They are purveying snuff videos and other simulated rape and murder content. This is simply unacceptable to all Americans whether we are discussing net neutrality or not, Republican or Democrat, Right versus Left. It is a question of right versus wrong.

Importantly, some of Silicon Valley’s leading companies and their trade associations such as Netflix, Engine, and the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, as well as non-profits such as the ACLU, are participating alongside the two porn sites as supporters of the campaign.

As you may or may not be aware, Pornhub and YouPorn are two of the most notorious and vile pornography websites in the world today, offering thousands of videos that depict extreme violence against women; rape; beatings; virulent racism, torture; incest and incredibly, even simulated “snuff” videos.

In fact, the subject matter and even the titles of many of the videos are so despicable and revolting that it’s impossible for us to include most of the examples here. However, a simple site search using the terms “rape,” “torture,” and other keywords depicting extreme violence against women should give you an idea of just how depraved much of the content is on the two sites.

To give you just a few shocking examples:

  • In 2014, Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek released a horrific pornography “miniseries” titled “Border Patrol Sex.” The series depicts the brutal rape of undocumented immigrant women by border guards as they attempt to cross the U.S.- Mexico border.
  • Other examples include Pornhub videos with titles such as “Punish Teens: Cute Gothic Schoolgirl Kidnapped and Sodomized;” “Skinny Masochist Bunny Hogtied and Beaten;” and “N****r Coon Web Cam Slave.”
  • Unfortunately, these videos are not outliers, but are in fact examples of hundreds of thousands of videos posted to the site depicting extreme violence against women. For instance, a site search of the word “torture” reveals almost 786,000 links to videos in which the torture of women is depicted. A site search of the word “rape” reveals more than 50,000 videos. We caution that even the site searches are not safe for work.
  • Moreover, it appears that Pornhub and YouPorn are not just posting the violent videos to the site, but advertising them on search engines as well. A Google site search shows for instance, that searching for the word “torture” returns a Pornhub link saying “Watch Extreme Torture porn videos for free, here on Pornhub.” A site search using the word “violence” returns a Pornhub link saying, “Watch Sexism and Violence Against Women videos for free, here on Pornhub.”

One day after BattleForTheNet’s press release this past summer announcing Pornhub’s participation in a “July 12th Day of Action,” Fight for the Future’s (one of the groups spearheading the event) Evan Greer joked on Twitter about Pornhub’s participation:

“Well, this is happening. Also I love how the stock image for PornHub is just a screenshot of the ONLY part of the site that they could use for a stock image ;-)”

We find the participation of porn sites that depict the violent rape, torture, and degradation of women neither funny nor amusing. Furthermore we find it inconceivable that any legitimate policy group would champion the participation of such a company in a press release. We find it equally inconceivable that respected Silicon Valley companies and their trade associations would agree to participate alongside such a contemptible partner.

We have included additional evidence of Pornhub’s and YouPorn’s depictions of violence against women in the attached.

We thought you might want to be aware of some of the groups that BattleForTheNet and Silicon Valley companies are partnering with to pressure members of Congress to oppose the FCC’s rollback of the 2015 Obama-era net neutrality rules.

Do not fall prey to the misinformation campaign spearheaded by a group that is openly embracing sites that take advantage of and degrade women in the most heinous of ways.


Melanie Morgan, Co-Founder The Media Equality Project
Blanquita Cullum, Senior Media Advisor The Media Equality Project

Laura Ingraham’s debut: ‘I’m going to pull the curtain back’, reveal truth

Using her fierce intelligence and laser focus to rise to the top of the talk radio world, she is a force of nature. Read all »

The left’s sudden, bizarre embrace of ‘W’

President Bush made headlines this past week when he not-so-coincidentally joined former President Barack Obama in condemning President Trump and his supporters.

It was an attack-by-insinuation that claims we are all a bunch of white supremacists who travel in the dark shadows of lies, prejudice and nativism. Read all »

CA arson suspect IS an illegal immigrant, so will media scolds apologize?

*** UPDATE: Sonoma County Sheriff issues confusing statement as PR battle continues ***

When Breitbart News reported two days ago that the Wine Country fires may have been started by an illegal immigrant, Sonoma County and other law enforcement personnel, including the Sacramento Sheriff’s office had a hissy fit.

Their report said the suspect was a Mexican national with several outstanding ICE detainer requests that were ignored in the newly minted Sanctuary State of California. Read all »

Berkeley College Republicans ‘Targeted, Stalked and Harassed’ by Antifa Activists

Berkeley College Republicans are demanding that University of California police do something, anything to protect them from Antifa organizers whom they claim “stalk and harass conservatives” on campus. Read all »

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