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Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan is an award-winning radio talk show host, author, columnist, journalist, TV anchor, and now Independent Reality TV Producer. Known for her advocacy on behalf of the American military and defense of the War on Terror, she has been a frequent guest on many cable TV shows, including Fox News, CNN and the BBC.

Mel’s Manifesto: The creepy times in which we live

The Universe is playing a seriously scary trick on all of us.

It’s kind of like a movie where “behind the secret door was the steel spiral staircase, leading down to a small alcove in the walls of the house, inside is one of the crawl spaces where the world finds a blanket, Halloween candy, and toys that had mysteriously gone missing from the house.” Read all »

North Korean crisis: Mel interviews Monica Crowley

Right now, every news cycle brings us closer to what looks like a nuclear confrontation with Kim Jong Un, the third generation of dictators in a country that known boundless sorrow and hunger, yet still hates the United States of America without looking once in the rearview mirror. Read all »

Mel’s Manifesto: Nancy Pelosi talks out of both sides of her mouth

Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claims she understands that voters “don’t want to hear us criticizing the President”, because it disrespects the actual vote of the people.  Read all »

Pelosi forced to backtrack after supporting Antifa violence in Bay Area

A bizarre, rambling radio interview has House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) now playing defense. Read all »

Berkeley: Ground Zero in the left’s war on free speech and thought

While milllions of Americans were praying for the Texas victims of Hurricane Harvey- a natural disaster of epic proportions- a totally human kind of wreck was barreling through the heat-drenched streets of Berkeley, Calif. Read all »

Mel’s Manifesto: Mr. President, fire this man!

Okay, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I need some answers, Mr. President. Read all »

Media Matters president loses control of own domain name, opponents scoop it up

He is no longer master of his own domain.

Poor Angelo. If he didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all.

The hapless president of the far-left Media Matters for America lost control of his own domain name, Naturally, someone else snatched it up. Read all »

Despite the risk, San Francisco free speech protester remains undeterred

If Larry Grathwohl were alive today, he would be nodding vigorously, saying, “I told you so, I warned America what was coming.’

Now, it is left to Larry’s daughter, 39-year old Lindsay Grathwohl of Castro Valley, Calif. to do the talking for him. Read all »

With Bannon out, will Seb Gorka be the next to go?

With Steven Bannon now out, will Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka be the next to go? Read all »

What really happened in Charlottesville? A peacekeeper tells her story

If you pay attention to the never-ending trashing by the New York Times, the Pravda-like conclusions of political reporters will come as no surprise.

Were nearly all Republicans really outraged by the president’s handling of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last Sunday? Read all »

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