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Lawrence Dean

How some profit mightily from the big business of bigotry and racism


Accusations of racism and bigotry aren’t going anywhere. Read all »

Are Democrats actively courting violent protests?


After watching recent news coverage and videos of the recent violence in Charlottesville, I’m left wondering why police didn’t step in when things started to get out of control. Read all »

After serving Venti Frappuccino with extra politics, Starbucks pleads for mercy



When will public corporations like Starbucks learn to keep their mouths shut about politics and religion?

And when will they understand customers don’t want to hear their thoughts on anything other than how to make a good cup of morning Joe? Read all »

Mob rule: Evergreen State College’s descent into madness

Who knew the bucolic town of Olympia, Washington and the 1,000-acre campus of Evergreen State College was such a hotbed of racial injustice? Read all »

Will Democratic leaders denounce today’s shootings?


Ever since the election results were announced, the far-left and (even more concerning) not-so-far left, have been in full meltdown mode. While many have turned into complete maniacs, are some actually evolving into homicidal maniacs? Read all »

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