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Lefty twitter users go Billy Madison over POTUS retweet of Clinton golf meme

Over a tweet featuring POTUS’s flawless golf swing cutting away to the ball hitting Hillary Clinton in the back as she boards a plane, lefty Twitter users are crying foul (or “fore”?): Read all »

President vindicated? FBI DID intercept Trump Tower communications

In what supporters see as vindication for a key claim made by the president, the Obama admininstration did in fact wiretap former campaign manager Paul Manafort, listening in on communications made at Trump Tower. Read all »

In hurricane relief efforts, Christian groups surge ahead of FEMA


In the wake of the recent hurricane charity and relief efforts, Christian non-profit organizations have outperformed FEMA, proving once again that the we the people are capable of taking care of our own. Read all »

Another murder in sanctuary city hotbed SF by illegal alien keeps immigration fires burning

An 18-year-old illegal alien who was scheduled for deportation is accused of killing San Francisco community center worker Abel Esquivel (below). Erick Garcia-Pineda, 18, was caught and released in April pending deportation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said. Read all »

Never mind Jamele Hill’s rants: Today’s hyper-political ESPN has bigger problems

Yes, Jamele Hill, a B-list sports reporter for ESPN, labeled President Donald Trump “a white supremacist who largely surrounds himself w/other white supremacists.”

Expecting even any level of respect for POTUS from the left is wasted energy and Hill’s tweet will be forgotten soon enough (she has since apologized). What ESPN should be worried about, however, is their declining viewership.  Read all »

Lawsuit alleges Saudi government bankrolled 9/11 hijackers, helped design attacks

Claiming their Washington Embassy may have funded a practice attempt for plane hijackings, new evidence in a major 9/11 lawsuit has been submitted against the Saudi Arabian government.

The “dry run” was allegedly carried out by two Saudi employees, further strengthening the claim that officials and agents of the regime aided and assisted the 9/11 hijackers and planners. Read all »

When the killers struck, where were you?

Sixteen years ago today, America was twinned together in anger and defiance. We hung flags. We spoke to our neighbors, even those with whom we disagreed.

We cried. We walked dazed through the streets of our cities, and clung to each other in our offices.

We prayed. We donated blood, and then we prayed some more. It lasted about a week. Read all »

Star Trek: Discovery writers mock 65 million Trump supporters

Had Star Trek Creator, Gene Roddenberry, witnessed modern-era politics, he may have approved of the allegories one of the shows offshoots, Star Trek: Discovery, is going to include in upcoming episodes, Klingons as Trump supporters.

Said Showrunner Aaron Harberts in an interview with EW: Read all »

News Roundup: Law student investigated for ‘bad-mouthing ISIS’ has been outspoken against terror

– Do British Students Need Safe Spaces, Too?

A law student in the UK is under investigation for among other things, badmouthing ISIS and apprarently creating an “unsafe” environment on campus. Read all »

Antagonizing fans, player sits for National Anthem during NFL Season Opener


The NFL season kicked off yesterday and pregame festivities included Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, who earned the honors of being the first NFL player of 2017 to refuse to stand and honor America.

It’s the very nation that affords like Mr. Peters the chance to be extremely well-paid and even idolized by fans. Read all »

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