Hollywood producer praises Reagan for bolstering his career, includes ridiculous attack on Trump at end

Is there anything Democrats won’t do or say to attack President Donald Trump and his supporters? Hollywood elites use their award shows, speeches, television show, and movies to denigrate Trump and those who support him, but will it ever stop?

How would MLK react to the alt-left’s violent demonstrations against the right?

America’s civil rights pioneer would openly condemn the radical left’s violence against America’s rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

Washington Post: Google’s new fact-check feature is bunk

The Washington Post thinks Google’s new fact-check gimmick is baloney and is questioning why Google is picking on The Daily Caller (The DC).

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Maxine Waters enrages during interview, stoops to new low to attack Trump

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California has done absolutely nothing but use her platform to denigrate and insult President Donald Trump since he took office.

But every time she appears before a camera, she finds a way to stoop to a new all-time low.

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Laura Ingraham points out ‘nasty’ habit of Democrats to oppose Trump

With Democrats claiming President Donald Trump called Haiti and African countries a “s**ithole,” it’s become clear that liberals will use anything to gain political points.

Despite several lawmakers who attended the meeting indicating Trump never made those comments, Fox News host Laura Ingraham pointed out a very “nasty” habit the democrats have of making everything about race.

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‘Sh-thole’ fallout: Why does anyone believe Dick Durbin?

Nearly 48 hours after President Trump came under intense media fire for allegedly using “sh-thole” to label some Third World countries, the only person so far claiming to have actually heard it is Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). Read all »

MSNBC’s Matthews caught on camera making rape joke about Hillary Clinton

As many leftists propagate the facade of caring about sexual misconduct, they are no where to be found now that a video has surfaced of a top MSNBC liberal host joking about drugging and raping former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As reported by The Cut, MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews was caught on camera last year finding it humorous to suggest he was going to rape then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Hollywood lefties bitter over actor Mark Wahlberg’s payday that netted him $1.5 million for scene re-shoots

Mark Wahlberg was reportedly paid $1.5 million for reshooting  some of his scenes for All the Money in the World.

His co-star Michelle Williams was paid an $80 per diem totaling less than $1,000 for her reshoots.

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Chelsea Clinton tries to attack Trump’s immigration comments, it blows up in her face badly

Many in the mainstream media are feigning over President Donald Trump allegedly saying he didn’t want to give immigration protections to people from “s**thole” counties such as Haiti and Africa.

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton chimed in on the situation, and it did not end well for her as many social media users reminded her about the Clinton Foundation scandal that involved Haiti nearly a decade ago.

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Jake Tapper shares info from source, stuns media with truth about Trumps ‘s**thole’ comments

Many in the mainstream media are hyperventilating over a report claiming President Donald Trump said he didn’t want to give immigration protections to people from “s**thole” counties such as Haiti and Africa.

The White House has denied Trump ever made the claim, which was detailed in a Washington Post report using anonymous sources who claimed to have been at the meeting when Trump allegedly made the remark.

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CNN up to its old shenanigans: misquotes author to paint him as racist

An article on CNN.com this week served to sandbag a conservative author, painting him incorrectly as a racist.

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CNN’s Cooper snivels over president’s alleged Haiti comment

It seems that CNN’s Anderson Cooper has a knack for ‘sh*thole’ stories.

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