Shock Poll: Who do Americans believe is the most objective news source?

Following President Donald Trump’s “Fake News Awards” on Wednesday, Americans might be wondering who is the most objective news source in the United States? As reported by TVNewser, data from a scientific study into the public’s perception of the news media makes it very clear which media outlets Americans trust, and it is not good for liberals.

Picture of Hillary and Weinstein goes viral – gets almost zero media coverage

When the scandal first broke about movie producer Harvey Weinstein being accused by dozens of women on sexual misconduct, former Secretary of State claimed she was “shocked and appalled.” But the Clinton family has had a close relationship with Weinstein for decades, one that apparently continued until very recently.

New bill would end use of taxpayer money in sexual harassment settlements

With sexual misconduct allegations rocking the country the past few months, should American taxpayers be forced to pay for lawmakers who can’t act professional around the opposite sex?

A new bipartisan bill was unveiled on Thursday in the House of Representatives that would prohibit Congress from using taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment cases involving members of Congress.

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CNN’s Acosta exposed for peddling fake news day before throwing tantrum over Trump

Shortly after CNN took home the most “Fake News Awards” earlier this week, the network’s chief White House correspondent proved why his network took home the most awards.

Speaking at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Wednesday night, Jim Acosta was asked for a response to his network being atop the charts.

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Oakland mayor says she’ll go to jail to protect her sanctuary city

Lock her up.

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Army vet who slammed Maxine Waters for skipping Trump’s SOTU gets big surprise

Amid California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters saying she won’t be attending President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, an Army veteran made headlines with his offer to take her seat during the speech to support the president.

After seeing Ricky Taylor’s interview Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy invited him to the event.

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MSNBC panel pens love-letter to comrades

Is there even a modicum of objectivity left in the liberal media? Read all »

CNN stoops to new low, runs segment predicting Trump will have a heart attack in ‘3 to 5 years’

Shortly after longtime White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson indicated Tuesday that President Donald Trump was fit for office and very healthy, CNN immediately began peddling conspiracy theories questioning Jackson’s assessment.

That wasn’t the worst part, as CNN had an entire segment where they allowed their network’s doctor – who has never evaluated Trump in person as it is required – peddle the theory that the president will have a heart attack in three to five years.

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Limbaugh torches ‘childish’ and ‘unstable’ media for airing these conspiracy theories following Trump’s health report

After White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson revealed Tuesday that President Donald Trump was very healthy and mentally fit for office, many in the mainstream media immediately began pushing conspiracy theories that Jackson was lying about his assessment.

Whether it was CNN claiming Trump would have a heart attack in “three to five years” or others suggesting Jackson was withholding information despite speaking to the press for nearly an hour, one top conservative is tired of it.

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While California proposes expanded ‘sanctuary’ status, shock video exposes homeless crisis

With its relentless, holier-than-thou “progressive” poltical preaching, you might think California’s government would have its own house in order. Read all »

The results are in of the first ever Fake News Awards, and the winner (loser) is….

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Gloves off: Scarborough snaps at Mika during live segment after she accused Trump of bribing DHS secretary

Peddling utterly groundless, unverified, and embarrassing conspiracy theories has become commonplace among liberals in the media, but no one has perfected their craft more than MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

On Wednesday, the full-fledged meltdown at “Morning Joe” continued as the co-hosts discussed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s testimony on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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