Burlington Islamic Center USA

Is spraying ‘USA’ on a mosque’s wall a hate crime?

Does spray-painting “USA'” on the side of a mosque a hate crime?

After two drunken teens were arraigned on vandalism charges Monday, Islamic leaders demanded the Sunday incident be classified as a hate crime. Read all »

Bullock Sandra Our Brand is Crisis

Sandra Bullock says she lived with Karl Rove for new film role

Sandra Bullock and Karl Rove: housemates?

While it might seem absolutely bizarre, that’s what Bullock says she did in order to prepare for her latest film role. The star of “Our Brand is Crisis” told the Today Show this morning that she felt the need to do this in order to better understand the life of a political strategist. Read all »

Fiorina Carly debates

Fiorina to confront heckling hosts on The View: ‘Man up!’

A week after being called “demented” and mocked on ABC’s The View, Carly Fiorina is confronting its hosts directly.

On the Fox News Channel this morning, the GOP presidential candidate told former The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck she’ll appear on Friday’s show. Read all »

Black Lives Matter Concord Mass

‘Black Lives Matter’ flaps erupt across Greater Boston

If you thought the controversy over “Black Lives Matter” signs had subsided, three new developments in the Boston area say otherwise.

In the one of the whitest, wealthiest and most liberal communities in Massachusetts, one family has been ordered by the town to remove a sign from a picket fence it considered part of the public right-of-way, even though it sits in front of their house. Read all »

Bush psych majors

Jeb! rips liberal arts majors: ‘You’ll end up working at Chick-fil-A’

What exactly IS Jeb Bush’s campaign strategy?

Increasingly, it seems improvised, perhaps he just doesn’t have his heart in this anymore.

And why is he attacking Chick-fil-A? Read all »

Stone Roger Maher 30 Oct 15

Roger Stone: Bill Clinton ‘is a Cosby-type sexual predator’

Do Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby have more in common than just a first name?

Author Roger Stone (The Clintons’ War on Women, 2015) thinks so, explaining on last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher web-only Overtime segment why he thinks the former president “is a Cosby-type sexual predator.” Read all »

Sanders Bernie 3

Sanders: ‘I AM Larry David, we left Bernie in Washington’

Is Larry David secretly campaigning in New Hampshire as Bernie Sanders?

How would anyone know if he was? After all, the comedian’s impersonation of the Vermont senator is uncanny. Read all »

Fox debate Maria Martha

Maria Bartiromo: We will not make CNBC’s debate mistakes

With obnoxious moderators ruining presidential debates seemingly without exception so far this year, one news anchor is determined to return to substantive discussions.

Wouldn’t that be quite a change from the gotcha games and narcissism we’ve seen to date?

Saying she thinks “the point of these debates” has been lost, Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo vows the next Republican forum will be different. Bartiromo, formerly of CNBC, will moderate the November 10 event. Read all »

Greta Dull Debate

Greta: Time for ‘dull’ debate moderators

Can moderators make a debate about the candidates, rather than their own egos and agendas?

With Fox Business Network hosting the next debate and CNBC’s reputation in tatters after Wednesday’s widely-panned fiasco, Greta Van Susteren has advice for her colleagues: dare to be dull! Read all »

Morning Joe black is for CNBC moderators

Morning Joe panel rips sister outlet: ‘the black is for the CNBC moderators’

Between a viewing public furious with its network and the need to avoid angering defiant corporate management, it was a tough day to be part of the Morning Joe crew.

At every turn, discussing the debate meant negotiating a minefield, but that didn’t stop a number of harshly critical remarks from slipping through, with worried looks following closely behind.

Two of these clips are still available on MSNBC’s website, but we doubt that will remain the case for long.

The most critical language has been scrubbed from its site and two segments uploaded to YouTube were blocked by NBC on copyright grounds earlier this afternoon. Scroll down to the third video below to see this while you can! Read all »

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