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Rush: Republican leadership prefers Hillary over Cruz!

Clearly frustrated over what he sees as a self-defeating Republican leadership, Rush Limbaugh took to Facebook today for an unusual mid-program update.

Slamming the party for its seeming hostility toward at least one of its contenders for the presidential nomination, he wrote, “I have the idea the Republican leadership would be happier with Hillary Clinton as president than Ted Cruz, and that’s not just a feeling. I know that almost for a fact.” Read all »

Trump hats WFB

Media hit by Trump-related prank, fake radio interview

Are reporters and media personalities under intense pressure to catch the latest Trump-related scoop before anyone else?

The answer seems to be yes and it’s causing problems today for both a radio host in Atlanta and a well-known national political reporter. Read all »

Wayans Damon - Cosby

Damon Wayans says ‘unrapeable’ taken out of context

Talk about stepping in it!

Comedian Damon Wayans is in hot water after calling some of Bill Cosby’s accusers “unrapeable”. During a radio appearance in New York City, the actor questioned their motives, saying some are merely involved in a “money hustle”. After a massive backlash ensued, he accused the media of taking his words out of context. Read all »

Shake guy Adult Swim

War of words between Mark Levin, Mediaite editor

Because there’s nothing more fun than a good media-related fight, we invite you to check out the one brewing today between Mediaite Editor Andrew Kirell and conservative talk host Mark Levin.

Is the battle over immigration? Obama, Clinton, or Trump?

No, it’s about Levin’s radio voice, which Kirell finds annoying. That has the latter openly antagonizing the bestselling author via social media: Read all »

Limbaugh Rush 110

Rush warns Trump: Time to get back to the issues!

Rush Limbaugh has some advice for an old friend: Donald Trump, get back to the issues!

Telling listeners today that voters want to hear more of what the GOP frontrunner stands for, Limbaugh seemed to be calling for less emphasis on Twitter flame wars and more on what he called “a long-term strategy.” Read all »

Trump Donald 12

Have big donors planned ‘must get Trump’ strategy for tonight?

Have major donors to other candidates planned a secret “must get Trump” strategy for tonight’s debate?

That’s the contention of Rush Limbaugh, who spoke today of a “giant psyops underway” that he believes has been in the works for weeks. The goal: effectively eliminate The Donald immediately, utilizing the Fox News Channel forum to accomplish the task.

He sees yesterday’s leaked news that Bill Clinton called Trump to talk about the race as a tactic designed to throw the GOP frontrunner off his game. Did it make Donald look bad? Reviews are mixed. Read all »

Hartmann - Carter

Jimmy Carter: US ‘now just an oligarchy’

Has America’s system of government deteriored to the point where it’s merely an “oligarchy”, like Putin’s Russia?

That’s the surprising statement made by former President Jimmy Carter during a radio interview with liberal talk host Thom Hartmann. As listeners debate whether he is correct, the clip is making the rounds today, primarily on the left side of the Internet. Read all »

Glicklich Brian with Scott Walker

Was Rush spokesman stalked at an anti-stalking presentation?

Was Rush Limbaugh’s spokesman targeted by one or more stalkers while giving an anti-stalking presentation?

One Stop Rush activist openly admits to attempting to locate Brian Glicklich’s hotel room while he was in San Diego Thursday to address the American Legislative Exchange Council at their annual conference. Glicklich was invited to brief state legislators on cyberstalking tactics and while there, met with Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a Republican presidential candidate (above image). The convention concluded yesterday.

Stop Rush is a pressure campaign designed to remove Limbaugh from the airwaves by eliminating his advertising base.

Meanwhile, Glicklich is receiving increasingly violent threats from the Stop Rush movement, some of which are posted further below.
Read all »

Stop Rush 25 July -5

Stop Rush’s campaign to raise funds for key activist stalls

With a campaign to raise money for a key activist’s legal expenses appearing to stall, the Stop Rush campaign’s war of words is escalating, using Twitter as its primary medium.

At this point, there’s little question the crusade has taken on a life of its own. Now, is it even about pulling Limbaugh from the airwaves, or has attacking his staff become more important? Read all »

Beck Glenn

Glenn Beck Show goes Trump-free (and Glenn-free, too)

At first blush, it might seem like a brilliant idea: dump all Trump-related coverage and tap into an audience segment possibly sick of hearing about The Donald. Even the mention of his name will be banned.

But wait, it actually may rank as one of the dumbest talk show ideas of all time! Read all »

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