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Huckabee blasts FOX women for ‘trashy’ profanity

And they probably don’t eat grits, either!

Probable GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been using a book tour to rip his former Fox News Channel colleagues to shreds, singling out the women in particular for their “trashy” use of “unprofessional” profanity during meetings. That has many on both the left and right reacting strongly this morning. Read all »

Deflategate cookies Salon

Deflategate media madness

Just how out-of-control has the media been on the NFL’s Deflategate scandal? Sports anchors have taken to calling it “our Watergate”, while even the White House is fielding ridiculous questions about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and underinflated footballs.

But in the face of enormous global turmoil (the fall of Yemen to extremists, Saudi king’s death, collapse of the Euro, rapid economic disintegration in Venezuela, etc) the story increasingly appears to be a carefully-constructed distraction from our government’s recent failings. Read all »

Patriots Deflategate

Rush: ‘If they were playing with tennis balls the Colts weren’t gonna win’

What do listeners really care about, another boring State of the Union speech, or the white-hot Deflategate scandal rocking the NFL? Though Rush Limbaugh spent plenty of time on the former during today’s show, the latter is what truly has America riled up heading into the Super Bowl.

And with El Rushbo never one to shy away from a football-related topic, he was happy to explain why the matter of underinflated footballs is not to be taken lightly, despite the Colts never really having a prayer: Read all »

Boehner Obama

Hannity, Rush: off with Boehner’s head!

While it’s no secret conservative talkers haven’t exactly been buddies with House Speaker John Boehner, they seemed to stop short of calling for his outright removal. But with the Ohio Republican’s shady new budget deal with President Obama that has them looking like BFFs, the gloves have truly come off.

During Thursday’s show, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity called for the perma-tanned pol’s ousting, comparing him with disgraced Obamacare architect/ loose cannon Jonathan Gruber: Read all »

Lemon Don -Bill-Cosby-CNN

Did CNNer make Rush Blush?

What happens when a newsworthy story is so cringeworthy, it must be avoided altogether?

It might make Rush blush (incidently, we’re not sure if anyone has ever used those two words in a rhyme), a relatively rare occurrence for a man who has been around the block. Read all »

Stewart Jon 3

Rush blasts Jon Stewart over botched CNN appearance

One thing that makes talk radio exponentially harder to conquer is that it requires hours of improvised performances, while hosting a one hour television show is built around reading a Teleprompter full of content created by a team of writers. That’s why so many television personalities have tried and failed in radio.

That’s all the background you really need to understand why Rush Limbaugh attacked Jon Stewart during Thursday’s show: it was downright fun to show the emperor without his clothes! Read all »

Roberts Catcall video

What election? That catcall video is dominating attention

Have you seen that catcall video?

A midterm election that has failed to capture the public imagination has seemingly been overshadowed by a series of other, often non-political news stories. Over the last few days, Shoshana B Roberts has certainly stolen her share of thunder.

Roberts is the woman whose filmed, 10-hour walk around New York City generated headlines after receiving over 100 “catcalls” from men. Sounds horrible, but that’s where this debate begins, not ends. Read all »


Weird feud alert: Boston radio vs Dunkin’ Donuts

How did two Boston radio stations end up in a nearly year-long feud with New England’s most famous chain of coffee and donut shops?

It was probably not done without some kind of management approval, since blasting a revered local business is NOT typical in broadcasting.

It’s a bizarre story, one that now has political overtones, but it didn’t begin there. In February, Dunkin’ Donuts abruptly yanked ads from two of three stations owned by Entercom Boston, sports-talker WEEI and news-talk WRKO, leaving them running only on co-owned WAAF.

It was said to be in response to disparaging, anti-Dunkin’ remarks made three weeks earlier by the sports station despite the company’s contract with WEEI morning host Gerry Callahan to promote its products (!). Read all »

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New study: conservatives trust Fox, Hannity, Rush most

Fox News truly has something to celebrate today: almost total conservative loyalty, from moderates to the far right.

That’s the verdict from Pew Research Journalism Project’s annual survey of attitudes toward the press. Who is trusted and who is not? According to their research, Fox has won the hearts and minds in a way no other network can match.

Conservatives put their faith in relatively few sources, with Sean Hannity (trusted by 62% of conservatives) , Rush Limbaugh (58%), Glenn Beck (51%), TheBlaze (Beck’s site, 37%) and Drudge Report (34%) coming in behind Fox’s 88%. Read all »

Top Gear car smashed AP photo

Could your license plate get you killed?

Could your license plate be misinterpreted by hotheaded motorists in a way that could get you hurt or killed?

Two recent incidents have shown just how dangerous this can be, depending on where you are and what it says. In Australia, one unlucky chap found that out the hard way when his “I5I5″ plate (which he has had for a long time) was viewed as support for ISIS terrorists.

That led to nearly being run off the road, as reported by Melbourne news-talk station 3AW, which broke the story: Read all »