Weird feud alert: Boston radio vs Dunkin’ Donuts

How did two Boston radio stations end up in a nearly year-long feud with New England’s most famous chain of coffee and donut shops?

It was probably not done without some kind of management approval, since blasting a revered local business is NOT typical in broadcasting.

It’s a bizarre story, one that now has political overtones, but it didn’t begin there. In February, Dunkin’ Donuts abruptly yanked ads from two of three stations owned by Entercom Boston, sports-talker WEEI and news-talk WRKO, leaving them running only on co-owned WAAF.

It was said to be in response to disparaging, anti-Dunkin’ remarks made three weeks earlier by the sports station despite the company’s contract with WEEI morning host Gerry Callahan to promote its products (!). Read all »

Fox news channel logo 2

New study: conservatives trust Fox, Hannity, Rush most

Fox News truly has something to celebrate today: almost total conservative loyalty, from moderates to the far right.

That’s the verdict from Pew Research Journalism Project’s annual survey of attitudes toward the press. Who is trusted and who is not? According to their research, Fox has won the hearts and minds in a way no other network can match.

Conservatives put their faith in relatively few sources, with Sean Hannity (trusted by 62% of conservatives) , Rush Limbaugh (58%), Glenn Beck (51%), TheBlaze (Beck’s site, 37%) and Drudge Report (34%) coming in behind Fox’s 88%. Read all »

Top Gear car smashed AP photo

Could your license plate get you killed?

Could your license plate be misinterpreted by hotheaded motorists in a way that could get you hurt or killed?

Two recent incidents have shown just how dangerous this can be, depending on where you are and what it says. In Australia, one unlucky chap found that out the hard way when his “I5I5″ plate (which he has had for a long time) was viewed as support for ISIS terrorists.

That led to nearly being run off the road, as reported by Melbourne news-talk station 3AW, which broke the story: Read all »

Ingraham Laura 32

Left: Ebola still not an issue, obsession over conservative reaction more important

Despite the potential for more Ebola cases in the United States, the “progressive” left continues to maintain a “nothing to see here” approach that is just plain bizarre, if not outright dangerous.

Part of the problem is a terminal need to defend Obama at all costs, no matter how big the screw-up. At the moment, defending his Ebola inaction appears to be priority number one. And that means conservative hosts such as Laura Ingraham can find themselves quickly targeted for destruction after speaking out on the issue. Read all »

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Alan Colmes: hey, why are Dems running as warhawks?

Al Franken once blasted Alan Colmes as liberal-lite and even spelled his name in shrunken, lowercase letters.

In his books, Franken lambasted Colmes at every opportunity. Years later, however, the longtime commentator, radio and television host has an opportunity to turn the tables against the now-Minnesota senator.

With the alleged comedian now up for re-election, Franken really does sound like the very Republicans he spent years criticizing, a point not many on the left have been willing to make.

But at Liberaland, his website, Colmes didn’t skip the opportunity: Read all »

Limbaugh Rush 2

No means yes (to another round of election-year Rush-bashing)

Hey, it may (or may not) have worked last time, so why not try it again?

Looking to relaunch 2012′s War on Women, liberal activists have been waiting for a good chance to twist Rush Limbaugh’s words to power their OUTRAGE (!!!!!!!) Machine. It’s like rocket fuel for the angry left.

Today, they think they’ve found it. In a monologue from yesterday’s show, Limbaugh said this: Read all »


EXCLUSIVE: Key analyst says talk radio’s biggest companies close to pulling the plug

It was a move that sent shudders through an already-nervous radio industry: Pittsburgh’s WPGB-FM suddenly dumped its talk format, switching to country music. The early August change meant America’s biggest hosts would have to relocate to a small, 7000-watt AM station.

Because it conflicted directly with the expected trend of moving talk AWAY from AM in favor of FM, many took it as a sign industry giant Clear Channel had made a U-turn. With digital streaming services and other emerging technologies stealing music fans from radio by the millions, talk was seen as the one format that could keep traditional broadcasting alive.

Local media speculated the real problem was excess clutter which keeps the average hour clogged up with extremely long commercial sets, news and weather breaks, plus recorded mini-features. Whatever the case, the medium that has done so much to change the national political landscape and inspired others around the world to do the same suddenly seemed more endangered. Read all »

Al Franken

Now, even Al Franken ‘troubled by’ Obama’s inaction

Is  a pattern forming here?

In the past 24 hours, not one but two former Air America Radio liberal talk hosts have aired public concerns over Obama’s ISIS / terror inaction. Earlier, we wrote about Montel Williams suddenly taking issue with the president. Are the rats jumping off the ship?

Now, it has emerged that Senator Al Franken has written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder expressing his seeming astonishment: “I was troubled by the President’s recent suggestion that the Administration has not yet developed a comprehensive strategy to address the growing threat of ISIL’s activities in Syria.”

Has Franken joined the “lying liars” he once lambasted in his anti-Limbaugh/Fox/conservative screeds? Read all »

Williams Montel 3

Even Montel Williams is pleading with Obama for leadership

In the face of public indecision while the world falls apart, just how badly has Obama’s image been damaged?

Even the guy who formerly peddled “presidential coins” bearing his likeness is now demanding leadership. Onetime Air America Radio liberal talker Montel Williams used his Twitter account Tuesday to request “a strategy for pursuing ISIS in Syria”: Read all »

Seylhouwer Blake

Back in jail: radio creep who allegedly shot wife

You’d think a bald guy with a double chin might thank his lucky stars for somehow being able to marry a beautiful blonde woman. But a Cincinnati talk host allegedly showed his appreciation by shooting his wife in the back. Not much self-awareness, buddy?

Though he swears it was an accident, 55KRC talker Blake Seylhouwer hasn’t convinced authorities of that. After pleading not guilty to the shooting (which Misty Seylhouwer luckily survived), he’s facing new charges related to violating a protective order. Read all »