Harris Heidi 2

Heidi Harris: Nevada’s war on men

Under the guise of “protecting women”, Nevada is poised to begin a War on Men. Our legislature and state government are currently controlled by Republicans. With all this principled, conservative thinking, you’d expect legislation that actually made sense without pandering to the emotional crowd.

Enter Assembly Bill 212, initially drafted to completely remove the statute of limitations on sexual assault reporting for adult victims, but which has now been modified to allow a 20 year limit for reporting sexual assault. If Governor Sandoval, (a possible GOP Vice President pick) signs it, it becomes law. Read all »

Limbaugh 101

Is StopRush behind latest false rumor?

For Rush Limbaugh’s “progressive” foes, it was nearly a day of celebration: rumors the syndicated host would be cancelled in Chicago spread across the Internet. Originating with a Chicago Tribune-affiliated website, left-wing outlets quickly ran with the story.

But it wasn’t long before Cumulus Media, the company that owns Limbaugh affiliate WLS-AM, flatly denied the rumor was true. And our own independent sources confirmed there was nothing behind the report. Could this be the work of StopRush? Read all »


StopRush now targeting Limbaugh’s STAFF

*** UPDATE: Twitter suspended Glicklich’s account shortly after this piece was posted ***

Apparently not satisfied with their effort to intimidate Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers, the left’s StopRush crusade is now allegedly targeting his spokesman. In their view, simply working for the talk host is apparently a crime, with an online and legal harassment campaign as punishment.

Even sharing a surname with an EIB employee can now mean being pulled into this battle!

As a result of his position with the show, longtime spokesman/ advisor Brian Glicklich has found himself on the receiving end of a harassment campaign after he began to investigate the inner workings of this secretive group.

Considered one of the seven most-active members of StopRush, Carol Kernahan Wallin has made two failed attempts at securing a restraining order against Glicklich and failed to appear at a third court date. In response, Glicklich’s attorneys have filed a motion attempting to hold Wallin accountable for filing what they consider a prohibited Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP). It will be heard March 13. Read all »

Walker Scott R-WI

Limbaugh, Levin differ over Scott Walker candidacy

Is a conservative schism forming over support for Scott Walker’s probable presidential candidacy?

Thanks to outspoken recent support from Rush Limbaugh, the Wisconsin governor has seen his potential nomination prospects soar as conservatives look for a strong alternative to the more moderate Jeb Bush. Read all »

Super Bowl blag guys

Bowl security not so Super?

Were they too busy guarding the footballs?

Despite unprecedented Super Bowl security that included the assistance of the Secret Service, two Irish lads quickly found its weaknesses, snuck in to the stadium and then somehow managed to snag two seats worth $25,000 each.

If these guys can do it, what’s stopping terrorists?

Unbelievably, they even tweeted from the event, bragging about their successful “blag” (meaning to obtain something for free through trickery or coercion). But at no point did any of this raise alarms within the venue itself.

In another weird twist, they’d been interviewed for American television before the game while waiting outside the stadium. Read all »

Huckabee Fox

Huckabee blasts FOX women for ‘trashy’ profanity

And they probably don’t eat grits, either!

Probable GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been using a book tour to rip his former Fox News Channel colleagues to shreds, singling out the women in particular for their “trashy” use of “unprofessional” profanity during meetings. That has many on both the left and right reacting strongly this morning. Read all »

Deflategate cookies Salon

Deflategate media madness

Just how out-of-control has the media been on the NFL’s Deflategate scandal? Sports anchors have taken to calling it “our Watergate”, while even the White House is fielding ridiculous questions about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and underinflated footballs.

But in the face of enormous global turmoil (the fall of Yemen to extremists, Saudi king’s death, collapse of the Euro, rapid economic disintegration in Venezuela, etc) the story increasingly appears to be a carefully-constructed distraction from our government’s recent failings. Read all »

Patriots Deflategate

Rush: ‘If they were playing with tennis balls the Colts weren’t gonna win’

What do listeners really care about, another boring State of the Union speech, or the white-hot Deflategate scandal rocking the NFL? Though Rush Limbaugh spent plenty of time on the former during today’s show, the latter is what truly has America riled up heading into the Super Bowl.

And with El Rushbo never one to shy away from a football-related topic, he was happy to explain why the matter of underinflated footballs is not to be taken lightly, despite the Colts never really having a prayer: Read all »

Boehner Obama

Hannity, Rush: off with Boehner’s head!

While it’s no secret conservative talkers haven’t exactly been buddies with House Speaker John Boehner, they seemed to stop short of calling for his outright removal. But with the Ohio Republican’s shady new budget deal with President Obama that has them looking like BFFs, the gloves have truly come off.

During Thursday’s show, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity called for the perma-tanned pol’s ousting, comparing him with disgraced Obamacare architect/ loose cannon Jonathan Gruber: Read all »

Lemon Don -Bill-Cosby-CNN

Did CNNer make Rush Blush?

What happens when a newsworthy story is so cringeworthy, it must be avoided altogether?

It might make Rush blush (incidently, we’re not sure if anyone has ever used those two words in a rhyme), a relatively rare occurrence for a man who has been around the block. Read all »

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