Van Susteren Greta 20

Greta demands Hillary remove ‘dishonest’ ad featuring her

An ad unveiled today by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is being denounced by Greta Van Susteren, who says it selectively edited her interview with Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to make it appear the Benghazi investigation is politically motivated.

Via her website, the Fox News Channel host has demanded the Clinton campaign remove her 81-second “Briefing” spot, also providing a transcript of the original program to prove Gowdy was not actually backing the Democratic presidential primary candidate’s claims. Read all »

Rush Revere 2

Limbaugh: would a Rush Revere Civil War book face immediate ban?

With the Confederate flag now banned in virtually any context, is it possible to write about the Civil War without facing an immediate ban on sales?

As he considers the future of his popular series of children’s books, Rush Limbaugh yesterday pondered whether key historical events could even be covered without censorship from Amazon, Walmart and other corporations who now have policies against depictions of the Stars and Bars. Read all »

Obama Golf Hawaii trip

Why is Obama giving away a trip to Hawaii?

As markets began to crash here and around the world, Greek store shelves went empty, banks closed and Puerto Rico announced it would effectively walk away from repaying $72 billion in debt, hitting many American retirement accounts hard, it might seem like an odd time for Barack Obama’s Twitter account to promote a free trip to Hawaii contest.

And why exactly is the president involved with a giveaway promotion, anyway?

Yet that’s exactly what @BarackObama was doing this afternoon, talking up the Aloha State’s “progressive” change and inviting those interested to enter the contest / fundraising mailing list-builder to provide their personal information. Read all »

Trump Donald 10

Trump dumped by NBC: the battle begins

Trump-bashers everywhere are gloating over news NBC is parting ways with The Donald, but is this all that surprising?

Though the network cites his recent comments on “immigrants” as reason to sever ties, the presidential run alone would have been enough to justify ending its business relationship. Associating in such a way with a declared candidate creates a conflict of interest for any media outlet, especially a national news network.

So why add the ideological angle, is this just another move to pander to political correctness? Will it result in a backlash? Read all »

ISIS cake Walmart

Walmart bakes ISIS cake after refusing Confederate request

Ignorance, or corporate policy run amok?

After enacting a complete ban on Confederate-themed merchandise, Walmart apparently has no problem with the flag of ISIS, the Islamic terror state that regularly beheads innocent people.

When Chuck Netzhammer of Slidell, Louisiana found his request for a Confederate-themed cake denied by the mega-chain, he returned to his local store with the ISIS image, which they happily created for him.

Netzhammer has documentation and receipts as evidence of the sequence of events and the company is feigning ignorance, claiming local bakery workers weren’t familiar with the flag. He made this clip to show the cake:

Walmart has since apologized.

Remember, folks: Dukes of Hazzard bad, jihad good!


Fox’s Charlie Gasparino attacked by NASDAQ as ‘hater’ for questioning gay marriage tweet

A Fox Business Channel reporter who questioned a stock exchange’s political activism was labeled a “hater” in a tweet from its official Twitter account yesterday that also featured an image of a skunk.

Though he personally supports gay marriage, longtime senior correspondent and author Charles Gasparino asked NASDAQ why it had become so seemingly political in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in favor of it. The exchange’s official Twitter account had posted several messages in support of the decision in addition to a Vine clip showing a rainbow flag above the electronic NASDAQ logo on Times Square.

Later, NASDAQ deleted nearly all of its tweets referencing Gasparino, who regularly covers its corporate developments as part of his duties. But the Media Equalizer was able to obtain a screenshot showing the skunk. Read all »

Minimum wage campaign KIRO TV

‘Fight for Fifteen’ minimum wage campaigners caught red-handed

Hey, ready to fight for “change”? How about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour?

The union-backed #15NOW campaign is hiring now! So you’d probably expect to make at least $15 an hour, right? After all, that’s the point of the campaign. Read all »

Screenshot 2015-06-25 15.36.50

Democratic senator TRASHES Bernie Sanders

Just how worried is Hillary Clinton over the suddenly-surging Bernie Sanders? Concerned enough that key supporters are taking to MSNBC to attack the Vermont senator.

But will it work, or backfire? Fellow US Senator Claire McCaskill, a Clinton supporter, delivered a scathing assessment of her colleague during today’s Morning Joe, repeatedly calling Sanders “a socialist” and accusing the media of giving him “a pass”.

As co-host Joe Scarborough pointed out, however, most of Bernie’s supporters already know he’s a socialist and are quite happy about it.

Did Senator McCaskill consider whether calling attention to that on MSNBC would actually hurt Sanders, or unintentionally help his campaign? Could this even boost his fundraising efforts?

From Morning Joe: Read all »

Apple bans Civil War games from app store

Apple bans all Civil War-related games from App Store

As Apple abruptly yanked dozens of Civil War games from its App Store today, the sudden removal and anything and everything a person might find offensive continued unabated.

The reason? Images of the Confederate flag, of course, as one might expect such an app to show. Read all »

Gutfeld Greg

Does Greg Gutfeld owe Rush Limbaugh an apology?

Does Greg Gutfeld owe Rush Limbaugh an apology? The Fox News Channel host blasted the radio host yesterday over the latter’s assertion the American flag will be the next target after all traces of the Confederate version have been scrubbed from our society.

During The Five yesterday, Gutfeld was particularly critical, accusing Limbaugh of utilizing a “fear tactic” not unlike the way the left scares its voters into believing contraception will be taken away if their candidates fail to win an election: Read all »

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