Roseanne Twitter Nov 14 blames Cosby

Roseanne confuses Thanksgiving with Halloween

What’s scarier than a picture of Roseanne Barr? One taken after she’s had a chemical peel, leaving a battered, bruised-looking face. Did she confuse Thanksgiving with Halloween?

Seizing what she thought was an opportunity to make a joke out of the situation, Barr blamed her appearance on “Cosby” in a Twitter posting she later hastily removed. Public reaction was about as positive as when she sang the National Anthem so many years ago. Read all »

Perez Rosie The View

Cosby allegations spark odd media divisions

What kind of issue might have Whoopi Goldberg and Rush Limbaugh in agreement, while two Rosies, O’Donnell and Perez, are absolutely at odds?

It’s the Cosby rape allegations, of course: should we really try and convict the comedian-actor via a media firestorm? While no one can say for sure he’s innocent, the same goes for guilt- there’s no definitive proof at this time.

Isn’t there a difference between actually supporting Cosby (not many in this camp) and believing that guilt should be determined in court, not by Twitter? Or have emotions taken over? Read all »

Lemon Don -Bill-Cosby-CNN

Did CNNer make Rush Blush?

What happens when a newsworthy story is so cringeworthy, it must be avoided altogether?

It might make Rush blush (incidently, we’re not sure if anyone has ever used those two words in a rhyme), a relatively rare occurrence for a man who has been around the block. Read all »

Cosby Bill 1969 album

Fox vs Fox fans over Cosby?

Does a 1969 comedy recording prove Bill Cosby’s a rapist?

That’s what a story picked up by Fox News seems to be suggesting, leading to criticism from from an atypical place: conservatives who are otherwise network fans.

Though the piece originated at Entertainment Tonight, Fox 411 picked it up in its entirety. The Washington Post has their own story, which points to New York’s Village Voice as making this “discovery”. That appears to be the origin of this dubious development. Read all »

Maher Bill - HBO pub image

Bill Maher suddenly finds himself disowned by the PC crowd

Poor Bill Maher- after years of carefully cultivating a close relationship with the politically correct left, he now finds himself the target of one of their obnoxious pressure campaigns.

Why? For failing to tow the “progressive” line, which means he should have pretended there is no Islamic extremism, denied ISIS beheadings were real, never mentioned the way women are treated in Muslim societies, etc.  Get the picture? Read all »

Affleck Ben 2

Is Ben Affleck a saint?

Not quite everyone hates Ben Affleck!

The oft-maligned, far-left Hollywood star is actually revered as a saint (!) by at least one or two people out there, enough to justify producing a votive candle in his honor (!!).

Is it a gag? Or merely gaggy? You be the judge. Read all »

Lewinsky Monica

Did Rosie O’Donnell get one right?

Is this a rare case of Rosie O’Donnell getting one right?

The co-star of ABC’s The View shocked a lot of people this morning by coming out swinging in favor of Monica Lewinsky and condemning the behavior of Bill Clinton. Who knew Rosie could see beyond naked partisanship? Read all »

Zellweger Renee

Terrorism vs obsession over Renee’s face: who wins?

Ever feel like we live in two different worlds?

On one side: those who share deep concern as another disturbing terror attack on the West surfaces, this time at Canada’s parliament.

On the other: a bizarre obsession over Renee Zellweger’s face (!) that has erupted in the low-information media over the past couple of days. Just try to avoid it! It’s everywhere. Read all »

Pitt Brad 1

Hollyweirdest: Brad Pitt owned guns in kindergarten?

In perhaps the strangest-ever case of Hollyweird liberal idealism clashing with the truth, actor Brad Pitt has admitted he’s owned guns since kindergarten (!) and learned to fire a handgun at age eight. In addition, he apparently remains armed at all times to this day, at least while at home.

Details are coming from the British press via an interview with RadioTimes that is not available online.

Pitt’s revelations have understandably shocked and alarmed his media and industry pals as the story made its way to this side of the Atlantic. Read all »

RFK Jr Hines

RFK Jr: jail those who disagree with me

If you’re not particularly fond of Barack Obama, keep in mind there is actually someone worse: Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Combining a trifecta of arrogance, tyranny and emotional demons, RFK Jr would be a dream come true for “progressives”, but spell the absolute end of America as we know it. As the emboldened far-left ratchet up their rhetoric, Kennedy goes a step further, demanding imprisonment for all of his political foes. He hates freedom and admits this openly.

Yes, he’s a crackpot, but the left loves him, which makes his words so potentially dangerous. Read all »