Pitt Brad 1

Hollyweirdest: Brad Pitt owned guns in kindergarten?

In perhaps the strangest-ever case of Hollyweird liberal idealism clashing with the truth, actor Brad Pitt has admitted he’s owned guns since kindergarten (!) and learned to fire a handgun at age eight. In addition, he apparently remains armed at all times to this day, at least while at home.

Details are coming from the British press via an interview with RadioTimes that is not available online.

Pitt’s revelations have understandably shocked and alarmed his media and industry pals as the story made its way to this side of the Atlantic. Read all »

RFK Jr Hines

RFK Jr: jail those who disagree with me

If you’re not particularly fond of Barack Obama, keep in mind there is actually someone worse: Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Combining a trifecta of arrogance, tyranny and emotional demons, RFK Jr would be a dream come true for “progressives”, but spell the absolute end of America as we know it. As the emboldened far-left ratchet up their rhetoric, Kennedy goes a step further, demanding imprisonment for all of his political foes. He hates freedom and admits this openly.

Yes, he’s a crackpot, but the left loves him, which makes his words so potentially dangerous. Read all »

Seacrest Ryan - strike 1

Seacrest Lout

Is there anything more amusing than the union-led circus outside Ryan Seacrest’s Hollywood offices? The allegedly talented star (of what exactly, again?) is facing International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE) pickets over labor practices on one of his reality shows, Shahs of Sunset.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (wait, is Seacrest human or android, somebody should check).

They’ve even brought out Scabby the Rat to make their point more clear: Read all »

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell: still clueless after all these years

After her previous tenure on The View ended embarrassingly, you’d think Rosie O’Donnell might have done her homework before returning to the show.

But Noooooo, Rosie still allows her mouth to get ahead of her brain, with predictable results. During yesterday’s edition of the ABC morning show, O’Donnell was stumped when syndicated columnist / author / TV pundit Charles Krauthammer came up in the discussion.

O’Donnell had never heard of him. While he’s not a household word by any means, Krauthammer’s name is universally known within the world of politics. And that’s where Rosie once again demonstrated just how little she knows. Read all »

Woolery Chuck1

Liberals vs Game Show Hosts

Nothing infuriates “progressives” more than entertainment industry folks who refuse to stick to the script.

Because blacklisting is normally a simple matter, actors are easily controlled. But television personalities with a lot of tenure in a niche segment are tougher to destroy.

That may be why game show hosts Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak have been getting away with overtly promoting conservative ideology on social media and elsewhere: how exactly do you get them fired? So the left can only seethe in anger while these two use Twitter to taunt their foes. Read all »

Kim Kardashian rings in the New Year at 1 Oak Nightclub at The Mirage Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

Pop media’s race to defend Kanye West

Another day, another reminder of our demented pop culture and some of the slithering creatures that inhabit it.

As usual, it’s knucklehead Kanye West who tops the list of misbehaving celebs, but this time it’s causing embarrassment for America overseas. During his Australia tour, West has upped his already obnoxious antics to a new level, first by clearing a Melbourne hospital of patients so the pampered pop star could seek treatment for a headache: Read all »

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Got a spare $32,400? Why not hang out with Gwyneth and Barack?

Just when celebrity culture and corrupt politics didn’t seem quite annoying enough, along comes a pairing that brings new meaning to the word obnoxious. Full-time elitist Gwyneth Paltrow and part-time President Barack Obama are teaming up for a political fundraiser designed to separate the gullible from their hard-earned (or hardly-earned) money.

The setting: Los Angeles, where Obama has held at least 17 previous cash-sucking events.

Of course, local media can’t contain their excitement about the limitless celeb-gawking possibilities. Commuters are already dreading the gridlock-potential, however. Read all »

Rivers Joan 1

Hollywood’s suck-up culture will never allow another Joan Rivers

Lately we’ve been somewhat annoyed at the media’s tendency to drop coverage of major world events in order to go wall-to-wall celeb obit. But a real exception deserves to be made for Joan Rivers, who has died today aged 81.

Rivers worked tirelessly, wasn’t afraid of Hollywood’s suck-up culture and didn’t mind making enemies. She was truly original and paved the way for other women in comedy at a time when there were few in the profession. Retirement was not a word in her vocabulary.

Despite being in her eighties, her edgy jokes always remained fresh and contemporary. At a time when young celebs are self-obsessed narcissists busy taking nude photos of themselves, Rivers mercilessly poked fun at herself. They could learn a lot from her. Read all »

Maroney McKayla 1

Nude celeb scandal: why are we asking the wrong questions?

Watching the media feeding frenzy over naked celeb pictures hacked from Apple’s cloud servers has been a strange experience. Why are so few asking the right questions?

Rather than fretting over the security breach, shouldn’t we instead wonder why so many have taken nude photos of themselves?

It’s particularly important with the revelation that Olympian McKayla Maroney was among those affected and that her images were taken when she was just 16. That has hackers wondering if they will face child porn charges (not clear at this time). Read all »

Roberts Julia and Eric

Actor Eric Roberts: ‘W Killed James Foley’

Far from detrimental, epic far-left rants are still seen as résumé enhancers in Hollywood.

Otherwise, you’d never see actor Eric Roberts posting this on Twitter: Read all »