Farrow Mia - Cecil Kill Dentist tweet-3

Mia Farrow tweets home address of lion-killing dentist

If Minnesota’s most notorious dentist winds up dead, will Mia Farrow bear some of the responsibility?

Earlier today, the actress tweeted the home address of Dr Walter Palmer, the hunter who has apologized for killing beloved Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe. Palmer claims he was led to believe the hunt was legal and that he had the appropriate government permit to do so. Read all »

Takei George racist rant

Thousands demand George Takei apologize for racist rant

*** UPDATE: Takei apologizes ***

After a seemingly-racist rant targeting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, George Takei is facing increasing pressure to apologize today.

The flap began Tuesday evening after an interview with the Star Trek actor aired on a Fox affiliate in Phoenix. In it, Takei called Thomas “a clown in blackface” and “a disgrace to America”.

Here’s the original segment, with the slur edited out: Read all »

Harris Heidi 5

Heidi Harris: hey, don’t put me in an awkward position!

When I started doing radio, the hardest thing to get used to was realizing some people suddenly viewed me as a celebrity. I have never seen myself that way, and still don’t, but the fact is, if you’re on the radio or TV other people DO.

Most of my friends have known me for decades, and since I haven’t changed markets much, I’ve been able to maintain friendships with people who knew me way before radio. When you change markets it gets tougher, and every new friend you meet only knows you as “that person on the radio”. Read all »

Maher Bill with Ann Coulter

Maher on Coulter: ‘She ain’t afraid, you gotta give her that!’

How many conservative guests have the guts to stare down both Bill Maher and his entire audience?

Ann Coulter’s defiance in the face of open hostility truly impressed the Real Time host, who said, “she ain’t afraid, you gotta give her that!” That came after the Adios America! author shot back at the audience while making a point about the quality of immigrants: “why wouldn’t you look out across the world, like a sports team does, and try to get the crème de la crème? Not like this audience! We don’t want these people! We want the crème de la crème!” Read all »

Kardashian Rob Facebook trending Jun 15

‘Trending’ on Facebook: something really, really unimportant

Are you ever astounded by what Facebook promotes as “trending” in its upper right column?

At a time when the church shooting rampage in Charleston, South Carolina is fresh in our minds, Europe faces a weekend crisis with a run on Greek banks and the US State Department is warning of a surge in support for ISIS terrorists, the social media site is promoting a fast-food restaurant visit by a Kardashian as a major story: Read all »

Seinfeld Jerry

Jerry Seinfeld: PC is ruining comedy, kids

When a normally controversy-averse comedian is suddenly speaking out against political correctness, is that a sign of a truly hostile environment for free speech in America?

After citing both the unfunny collegiate environment for stand-up stars and the tendency even by his own daughter to cry sexism for seemingly no reason at all, Jerry Seinfeld is making headlines today. Made during an interview on ESPN radio, Seinfeld said many comedians are now unwilling to book shows on college campuses, for fear of a backlash against their routines. Read all »

Stone Emma Aloha

Flap du jour: Emma Stone as Asian movie character

It wouldn’t be Wednesday (or any other day of the week) without at least one racial controversy and as luck would have it, one that’s been building for some time has finally borne fruit.

After his decision to cast the decidedly white Emma Stone as a part-Hawaiian, part-Chinese character for his latest project, director Cameron Crowe has now felt the need to apologize for the decision after coming under heavy media fire. Crowe himself has mixed ancestry and is part-Asian. Read all »

Vaughn Vince - Today

Vince Vaughn’s school safety plan = media freakout

While some celebs make political statements merely to generate publicity or please Hollywood (if liberal in nature, of course), Vince Vaughn seems sincere when advocating conservative stances.

As one of the few actors on the right whose career hasn’t yet suffered for his views, we hope Vaughn is ready for the firestorm he’s generated this time! In a new interview with British GQ, he targeted the mindset that he believes keeps schools unsafe: Read all »

Waka Flocka rapper running for president

Why is Rolling Stone promoting a rapper for president?

Should Rolling Stone magazine choose our next president? Can the campaign of an underage rap star be taken seriously?

Rapper Waka Flocka, or Juaquin James Malphurs, announced his independent presidential candidacy via the music magazine earlier this week. He promoted overall liberal policies, which captured social media attention, though as many noted at 28 he doesn’t even meet the presidential age requirement of over 35. Read all »

Jon Voight Israel ad

Jon Voight to Israel: don’t blow it!

We’ve seen Hollywood actors try their best to influence American elections, but can a film star sway a foreign poll?

Appearing in a last-minute ad for apparently-struggling Bibi Netanyahu, actor Jon Voight is certainly giving it his best try. In a minute long spot, Voight criticizes President Obama while proclaiming his “love for Israel”, which he does not want to see taken over by “the madmen of the world”: Read all »

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