The Interview scene 1

Seth Rogen: hero in China?

The movie that almost sparked World War III continues to take baffling twists and turns. Thought The Interview had dominated the news cycle long past its designated 15 minutes?

Looks like it’s been granted a few extra moments of fame: first, from reports the film is tapping into widespread anti-North Korean sentiment inside China and second, via news that a 10-minute (!) gay sex orgy scene was cut before the film’s final release. Could this get any weirder? Read all »

Willis Bruce Trust Bank Russia 2

Bruce Willis red-faced as bank he endorsed collapses

A Russian bank known for featuring actor Bruce Willis in its advertising has collapsed, leaving the actor red-faced as American news outlets pick up the story.

It’s yet another example of Hollywood stars eagerly appearing in overseas ads with little fear of damaging their image here at home. But when things go awry, as they have here, it can be embarrassing.

According to reports, Bruce’s catch phrase seems especially regrettable now: “when I need money, I just take it”. Perhaps he should give it back? Read all »

The Interview cup $4999.00

Is this cup worth $4999?

Could a plastic cup almost certainly made in China really be worth $4999?

If it’s from “banned” Seth Rogan comedy The Interview, maybe yes and perhaps no. Since the film may yet start World War III, it’s really anyone’s guess. Read all »

The Interview T-Shirt 1

‘Interview’ items suddenly worth big $$$

Think the Kim Regime will target Ebay next?

In the wake of North Korea’s huge success in bringing Sony to its knees, relatively scarce promotional items for “The Interview” are now bringing in big bucks.

Starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, the ill-fated comedy film’s portrays two American journalists who are instructed to kill the country’s dictator during in an-person meeting. The Kim dictatorship responded with an unprecedented attack on Sony Pictures, its producer. Read all »


Fighting back against global tyrants

It’s been a great week for thug regimes: between North Korea’s epic dismantling of Sony and Obama’s free pass for Cuba’s Castros, dictators everywhere are popping champagne corks.

Sony’s absolute cowardice in the face of the Kim regime’s apparently strong hacking skills (which caught the Obama Administration off-guard) is angering the public and especially those involved in the making of now-shelved comedy The Interview: Read all »

Dunham Lena 3

Pals protect Lena Dunham as rape story falls apart

Things are quickly turning ugly for “progressive” media darling Lena Dunham, but if her friends have their way, you’ll never know a thing about it.

Back in October when the issue first surfaced, we wondered how the “Girls” star’s story of a “mustachioed campus Republican” rapist named “Barry” would hold up under scrutiny. In the weeks after the release of her book, where her rape allegations were first made, skeptics began to dig around for clues.

In the meantime, a real guy named Barry (and campus Republican) who attended Oberlin College at the same time as Dunham set up a legal fund to defend himself from wherever this might lead. Read all »

Rock Chris

Chris Rock: Marxist economic moron?

We’d never given much thought to Chris Rock’s expertise on economics, but a recent class warfare-laden rant has some raking him over the coals.

At the Mises Institute, a Canadian-based free markets think tank, the actor/ comedian is held up as a textbook example of Hollywood ignorance. As Rock claims to understand the impoverished masses and their supposed yearning for caviar and celebrity bartenders, the group’s James E Miller maintains he has it backwards: Read all »

Roseanne Twitter Nov 14 blames Cosby

Roseanne confuses Thanksgiving with Halloween

What’s scarier than a picture of Roseanne Barr? One taken after she’s had a chemical peel, leaving a battered, bruised-looking face. Did she confuse Thanksgiving with Halloween?

Seizing what she thought was an opportunity to make a joke out of the situation, Barr blamed her appearance on “Cosby” in a Twitter posting she later hastily removed. Public reaction was about as positive as when she sang the National Anthem so many years ago. Read all »

Perez Rosie The View

Cosby allegations spark odd media divisions

What kind of issue might have Whoopi Goldberg and Rush Limbaugh in agreement, while two Rosies, O’Donnell and Perez, are absolutely at odds?

It’s the Cosby rape allegations, of course: should we really try and convict the comedian-actor via a media firestorm? While no one can say for sure he’s innocent, the same goes for guilt- there’s no definitive proof at this time.

Isn’t there a difference between actually supporting Cosby (not many in this camp) and believing that guilt should be determined in court, not by Twitter? Or have emotions taken over? Read all »

Lemon Don -Bill-Cosby-CNN

Did CNNer make Rush Blush?

What happens when a newsworthy story is so cringeworthy, it must be avoided altogether?

It might make Rush blush (incidently, we’re not sure if anyone has ever used those two words in a rhyme), a relatively rare occurrence for a man who has been around the block. Read all »