Waka Flocka rapper running for president

Why is Rolling Stone promoting a rapper for president?

Should Rolling Stone magazine choose our next president? Can the campaign of an underage rap star be taken seriously?

Rapper Waka Flocka, or Juaquin James Malphurs, announced his independent presidential candidacy via the music magazine earlier this week. He promoted overall liberal policies, which captured social media attention, though as many noted at 28 he doesn’t even meet the presidential age requirement of over 35. Read all »

Jon Voight Israel ad

Jon Voight to Israel: don’t blow it!

We’ve seen Hollywood actors try their best to influence American elections, but can a film star sway a foreign poll?

Appearing in a last-minute ad for apparently-struggling Bibi Netanyahu, actor Jon Voight is certainly giving it his best try. In a minute long spot, Voight criticizes President Obama while proclaiming his “love for Israel”, which he does not want to see taken over by “the madmen of the world”: Read all »

Palin Bristol engagement

Bristol Palin engaged, heads explode

What is it about the Palins that inspires such Pavlovian rage from the Party Opposite? Nothing riles ‘em up more than good news from the family, especially if it threatens to provide positive publicity for the oft-maligned clan.

With today’s announcement of an engagement between daughter Bristol Palin and war hero Sgt Dakota Meyer, at least a few heads are exploding out there.

Left-leaning Mediaite tweeted the least-flattering image it could find of Sarah and Meyer together, where they’re holding a banner saying “Fuc- you Michael Moore”. This occurred in January. Read all »

Sharpton Palin photo

Sharpton-Palin photo ignites social media

While Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special included many newly-memorable moments across three-and-one-half hours, the image burning up social media this morning happened a few steps away from the broadcast.

Appearing to anger left and right almost equally was a red-carpet image of Sarah Palin and Al Sharpton posing together for the cameras. If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter at all in the last several hours, you’ve probably encountered at least one person complaining about Hell suddenly freezing over. Read all »

Lawley Robyn 1

Hot new marketing strategy: ticking off the audience?

Is the hottest new marketing strategy based on infuriating or baffling the general public?

Just days after Nationwide ran the already-infamous “dead kid” Super Bowl ad that had millions shaking their heads in disbelief, Sports Illustrated has done the same thing by adding a “plus-size” model to their swimsuit issue who doesn’t appear the slightest bit overweight.

In an oversaturated media environment, is this the only remaining way to get attention? Read all »

Flavor Flav 1

Rapper Flavor Flav demands Obama take action against ISIS

What a contrast: on the same day President Obama attempted to blame Christians for violence and extremism, a well-known rapper instead implored him to take firm action against ever-increasing Islamic atrocities.

Rapper Flavor Flav issued his manifesto against Islamofascism in a series of tweets posted this afternoon, prompting conservative communications strategist Ali A Akbar to proclaim that he “has a stronger foreign policy on #ISIS than our President. Go check out my man’s Twitter feed!” Read all »

The Interview scene 1

Seth Rogen: hero in China?

The movie that almost sparked World War III continues to take baffling twists and turns. Thought The Interview had dominated the news cycle long past its designated 15 minutes?

Looks like it’s been granted a few extra moments of fame: first, from reports the film is tapping into widespread anti-North Korean sentiment inside China and second, via news that a 10-minute (!) gay sex orgy scene was cut before the film’s final release. Could this get any weirder? Read all »

Willis Bruce Trust Bank Russia 2

Bruce Willis red-faced as bank he endorsed collapses

A Russian bank known for featuring actor Bruce Willis in its advertising has collapsed, leaving the actor red-faced as American news outlets pick up the story.

It’s yet another example of Hollywood stars eagerly appearing in overseas ads with little fear of damaging their image here at home. But when things go awry, as they have here, it can be embarrassing.

According to reports, Bruce’s catch phrase seems especially regrettable now: “when I need money, I just take it”. Perhaps he should give it back? Read all »

The Interview cup $4999.00

Is this cup worth $4999?

Could a plastic cup almost certainly made in China really be worth $4999?

If it’s from “banned” Seth Rogan comedy The Interview, maybe yes and perhaps no. Since the film may yet start World War III, it’s really anyone’s guess. Read all »

The Interview T-Shirt 1

‘Interview’ items suddenly worth big $$$

Think the Kim Regime will target Ebay next?

In the wake of North Korea’s huge success in bringing Sony to its knees, relatively scarce promotional items for “The Interview” are now bringing in big bucks.

Starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, the ill-fated comedy film’s portrays two American journalists who are instructed to kill the country’s dictator during in an-person meeting. The Kim dictatorship responded with an unprecedented attack on Sony Pictures, its producer. Read all »

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