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Did Back to the Future predict era of political correctness?

By now, you’ve probably seen Back to the Future references just about everywhere, as this is of course the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive from the past to a world that looks a bit like the one we know today.

Given the paper’s presence in the film series, USA Today has been milking the connection for all it can, even publishing a replica cover of the October 22, 2015 edition. We happen to like that logo better than the one they actually use today! Read all »

Devo Casale

Did Devo co-founder really hold sick, 9-11-themed wedding?

Did Devo co-founder Jerry Casale really hold a sick, 9-11-themed wedding in California last Friday?

The answer is apparently yes, but the aging new wave rocker is crying foul today, claiming it was all a set-up. After TMZ released truly disturbing images of twin tower-cakes and engraved box cutters on napkins, Casale said it was all a “surprise” from a friend and the subsequent press leak part of a plan to embarrass him. Read all »

Williams Montel 11

Montel Williams blasts Hillary’s rape comments

Television host Montel Williams is blasting comments made by Hillary Clinton on sexual assault earlier today, calling her reasoning “flawed”, adding “I have three daughters” and “I’m not sure a sufficient punishment exists for rapists. ”

Taking a break from his recent series of attacks on Donald Trump, the onetime Obama supporter and former Air America Radio talk host accused the Democratic presidential primary candidate of having “adopted the flawed reasoning advanced by some on the left regarding that the fix for the campus rape epidemic is to throw due process to the wind or shift the burden of proof to the accused.” Read all »

Lydon Johnny CNN

Punk vet John Lydon wonders if Hillary ‘really is that clumsy’

Having recently become an American citizen, British punk legend John Lydon finds himself increasingly wrapped up in American politics. And during a CNN interview earlier today with Christiane Amanpour, he didn’t hold back.

A few years ago, the former Johnny Rotten came under fire from the left for refusing to boycott Israel, making appearances there despite pressure not to. At the time, he said, “But I have absolutely one rule, right? Until I see an Arab country, a Muslim country, with a democracy, I won’t understand how anyone can have a problem with how [Palestinians are] treated.” Read all »

Wayans Damon - Cosby

Damon Wayans says ‘unrapeable’ taken out of context

Talk about stepping in it!

Comedian Damon Wayans is in hot water after calling some of Bill Cosby’s accusers “unrapeable”. During a radio appearance in New York City, the actor questioned their motives, saying some are merely involved in a “money hustle”. After a massive backlash ensued, he accused the media of taking his words out of context. Read all »

Quinn Colin Unconstitutional 1

Colin Quinn’s ‘Unconstitutional’: Making a dry subject entertaining

Comedian Colin Quinn has found a clever way to make our constitution and founding fathers interesting to younger generations: through comedy.

Skewering political correctness in the process, Quinn makes the past easily relatable using modern language (though salty at times) in his new special, Unconstitutional. Read all »

Craig Eugene

‘Ready For Kanye’ presidential committee now officially registered


If you thought Kanye West’s declaration that he would run for president in 2020 was a joke, guess again.

A Maryland Republican has already registered a pro-West committee with the federal government, Ready For Kanye. Eugene Craig III of White Marsh (shown above) submitted paperwork to the Federal Election Commission this morning and was given FEC Committee ID number C00585596: Read all »

Fogle Jared CNN

Jared’s downfall was eight years in the making

What brought down Jared Fogle, longtime Subway spokesman?

The backstory is remarkable and reveals his implosion was actually eight full years in the making. Read all »

Ouzounian - Brady Affleck-2

Nannygate: How two cities focused on the same story

Because we could all use a brief reprieve from 24/7 political coverage, here’s a way to dumb-down a bit with news that is guaranteed 100% Kardashian-free: it’s the new Nannygate scandal!

Gossip pages and sports media alike are salivating over the tale of Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and the former’s nanny aboard a private jet to Vegas, but for different reasons: celeb coverage focuses on whether the trip was the cause of the split between Affleck and actress Jennifer Garner, while sports pages wonder why Brady was on board. Read all »

Kardashian walk-off

Kardashian-bashing anchor becomes worldwide sensation

Is this the beginning of a revolution against low-information pop culture tyranny?

Is it a preview from the would-be sequel to Network, the next Howard Beale-like call-to-action? Or just a fed-up guy?

It might seem like there’s no escape from the constant barrage of Kardashian-Jenner “news”, seemingly designed to distract us from what really matters in life and the world around us. But one news anchor’s impromptu stand against the dumbing-down of America has generated global attention today. Read all »

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